Thursday, September 18, 2008

Robbo's Rant

Just for the record, I agree with just about every word of this.

At the risk of paraphrasing the man, what is it with Newcastle United? It feels like the go through managers once every six months or so. Why do people even bother signing up? It's a revolving door! Can't their board see that that's no way to run a business - much less a football club?

Had a bit of a giggle at the mention of the lack of silverware. Even Fulham won the Intertoto Cup in 2002! And before the last eight years we hadn't been in Top Flight football since the 60s!

(Although a quick browse on Wikipedia tells me that Newcastle won the Intertoto in 2001, too - but y'know, whatever. We haven't gone through six managers in five years.)

And despite this, the constant obsession people have with describing Newcastle as a "big club", implying that they should consistently be in the top four, always makes me laugh as well - for a club that should be top four, they've not done that much recently, have they? And the last man that got them there was Sir Bobby Robson, and what did they do to him? Sacked him, surprise, surprise, and at the beginning of a season after a 5th-place finish the year before.

Wouldn't it be funny to see them go down? I used to like them, but now, probably along with everyone else, I think they're a laughing stock.

In other breaking news, ADO Den Haag are top of the Dutch League! Wow. What a great start to the season. I'm right behind you, boys!

I didn't even know this team existed before last week. I don't even know where they play.

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