Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fulham report

6th place with a rocket, you little ripper!! AND with a game in hand. That's away against United mind you, so let's not get too excited about that, and if Villa beat Tottenham away on Monday they'll take the place off us. But still, 6th place, you little ripper! Can't remember the last time we were in that high a position, not even early in the season. It doesn't help that we've started our last three seasons away from home and lost all three of them, of course.

A 2-1 victory over Bolton at home was enough to give us that. We were always going to beat Bolton - they haven't beaten us at home in the league since 1952 or something ridiculous, and we've beaten them seven times out of the last eight matches in all competitions. If it wasn't for teams like Bolton and Everton being utterly incapable of beating us away, we'd have gone down long ago I'm sure.

Still, I think that's four in a row at home in all competitions, which is a fair effort - could we be looking at Fortress Fulham once more? Now that Hodgson seems to have managed to break our away-fom-home bogey, we might just do ok this season. We've certainly got a big enough squad - 31 at last count, which is a far cry from the "bring your boots, you might get a game" days under Chris Coleman. We don't have very many internationals, either, which always helps.

Next game: away at Blackburn. That might be a bit of an ask, they just got creamed by Arsenal 4-0 at home and will be looking to bounce back. We got a point last time we played there, though - I reckon we'll do the same again.

Overall feelings? Cautiously optomistic.

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