Saturday, September 27, 2008

Missing something?

Right, well after I had scored quite freely off the new ball, it seems that I've got a bit bogged down in the middle overs. To whit, not many posts recently. There's a reason for that.


A blog cannot live on love, life and art alone.

AND we're going to have to wait. The first test against the Injuns doesn't start until October 9th! Which means that the only thing we're going to read about in the coming weeks is Hayden's achilles tendon, McGain's shoulder and whether the Indian middle-order can cut it anymore. I really don't have the patience for any of that, and that's why this isn't purely a cricket blog. F'rinstance I know that the biggest news at the moment is that Durham have won their first County Championship, but I don't think I could blog about county cricket and stay sane.

Lately, the internet has been for email, Skype and football. I am now counting the days until it can be used for what is was intended.

And no, stop sniggering up the back, I do NOT mean porn.

12 days to go.

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