Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Blogsville. Population: me (and a few others).

Right. If I remember my aftergrogblog correctly (the great-grandaddy of them all), the best way to start up one of these things is as follows.




Ha-hah! Yes, that's right, finally got me a weblog. I tend to be amongst the last to catch on to teckanogical advances (only got my first i-pod last December), but I get there in the end.

So! I'm going to have to tinker with this a little, but I'm sure I'll become all-too prolific very soon, and be annoying the shit out of the viewers in no time (which, for those who didn't share my adolescence, is a 12th Man quote. More on him later).

In the interim, sit down, relax, put your feet up - make a comment (are they enabled, yet? Who knows?), pour yourself a drink and make yourself at home. I'll be with you shortly.

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