Friday, September 12, 2008

And as if to prove my point....

This is published. If that doesn't give you a good insight into what the guy is like, then I don't know what does. You've got to be careful with these sorts of pieces as sometimes they can go with the tide of opinion (i.e. if public and journalistic opinion was behind Symonds there might have been a different take on it), but really - the guy's a dick.

It's interesting that he should be prepared to act in such a (self) destructive fashion after such a stop-start to his career. Just as he's done the hard work and learned how to be a successful player at all levels, he obviously feels entitled to throw his weight around. What chance a little humility, or dare I say it, professionalism? Lalor's article has it right, though - "He is also discovering that no matter how many runs you make or save, no matter how many wickets you take or defend, that your place in the Australian side is never a given." This is a very good thing, and something that has been at the core of all successful Australian sides. Recent history has shown that if you're not prepared to fit in with the team then you won't stay in it very long, either. Dean Jones and Stuart MacGill are similar examples.

It's interesting, too, to note the tone of the comments, and how quickly people's opinion can change. There's the odd "ya can't do this to Symmo!" remark, but on the whole, people are very critical. Australians can't stand people that put themselves ahead of the team. If the tall poppy syndrome wasn't coined with us in mind, it should have been! Probably the more intelligent comments are from those that are critical of his behaviour, but hope that he gets it together soon because he is a great talent.

I'd go along with that. I'm not so sure that he's that indispensable, though. There are others that can hit a cricket ball a long way, and whole careers have been forged around being good team men - just look at Andy Bichel.

With thanks to Tony for seeing it first.

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