Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's been said before, but .......

I'm back.  In keeping with a New Year's resolution to write more in general, I'm hoping to re-start things here.

I have found in times gone by that a really good way to crystallise my thoughts is to write them down.  Sometimes one can achieve that through email or even Facebook, but to really clarify and explore something, a good opinion piece of your own making really does the job.  Going through my old posts I've actually been reasonably pleased with some of the things I wrote, and hope to re-kindle some of the that.  This post is a good example of what I mean, and this one, too - both of which I wrote in one sitting, with a minimum of editing.

The fact that this blog will have been by-and-large forgotten about by those that used to read it is perhaps all well and good too, this way I can be properly anonymous, and not worry too much about offending those that know me.  Funnily enough this has genuinely been an impediment in times gone by, and I have censored myself by consequence.  Wanting to be liked, even amongst those that already love and care for you, can be a surprising block to one's creativity.  I found a similar block when I blogged on my now-defunct (i.e. re-designed without a blog) professional website, although that was more down to an entirely-reasonable need to not be too controversial on a promotional site.  A website that was entirely based around the idea of "Hey, you there, I'm great, give me work!" in a slightly fluffy, approachable-by-necessity sort of a way could not really afford to have me slagging off colleagues, directors and the music world in general, much though I really wanted to at times.  With a now largely absent audience I can get down to really writing for me rather than anyone else.  That's not to say that I don't welcome readers or comments of course - read and comment away!  Just bear the above in mind, however - if you know me, maybe pretend that you don't.  I'm trying to keep this as independent from any outside influences as I can.

I'm hoping to tackle a few different topics, love, life art and cricket being just some of them!  Hopefully, others will include sexual politics, feminism and religion, topics that have bugged my bear more often than others lately.  We'll see what happens though - the first post I've got in mind is actually about my cat, so visitors here could find literally anything!  I do hope that whatever I come up with that it will be at least vaguely entertaining.

Happy New Year, by the way!

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