Monday, November 22, 2010

Starting again

Well, it's been awhile. Over a year, in fact! Thanks to Carl, though - see comments here, my attention has been drawn back to this blog, and I think I'll try to make more of an effort with it.

Part of my problem with being a regular blogger was running out of ideas. I wanted my blog to be a semi-regular opinion column in a vaguely journalistic way, but after a decent enough start I began to lack the discipline to put together anything really meaningful, and ended up with a bunch of half-written articles that started out ok but sort of meandered off into nothing. I didn't want to post bad material, so didn't, and then got out of the habit of writing things in the first place. After that I had the idea that I would only post things when I really felt inspired, but just.... didn't end up doing it. Perhaps I only liked the IDEA of being a writer, as opposed to actually enjoying writing. I know a lot of singers like that. It makes me realise how difficult being a full-time columnist must be from time-to-time - you've got to produce something interesting and readable every time, no matter how mundane your life seems to be on that given day or week. I suppose, like most things, money makes a difference. With all of the artistic integrity in the world (and I'd like to think that I have a fair amount), I'm sure I wouldn't work as hard on my singing if I wasn't being paid for it - I can crap on about art with a capital "A" all I like, but one of the real incentives to work hard and be the best singer I can be is so that I can pay the rent!

Anyway. We'll see what I come up with.

We apologise for this short delay in transmission, and will be with you shortly. Do not adjust your set.

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